1.       Terms are C.O.D.  unless  a Net (30) day credit account has been established prior to purchase.  If the account must be placed with an attorney for collection, buyer will be liable for the principle sum plus 18% interest per year (1.5% interest per month), attorney’s fees and court costs.  Also, the account will be terminated and no goods or services will be made available to the buyer.

2.       Returned checks -  A administration/handling fee will be charged on all returned checks.  No additional checks will be accepted until the returned check fee is paid.  If you write 2 checks that are returned to us then your check writing privilege will be suspended.

3.       Refunds/credits - All returns must be accompanied by a receipt.  Unused sod (as long as it is not damaged) may be returned day of purchase for a full refund. We will not take back sod that is dry or yellow or brown or damaged in any way or sod that was never installed or unrolled or left on the pallet for days. 

4.       All promises of shipment and/or delivery are approximated as closely as possible by the seller but are subject to weather conditions, strikes, fires, floods, accidents, delays in transportation, disputes with workmen, shortages of fuel, water or other materials, shortages of labor, action by government agency and any other cause beyond reasonable control of Somerset Seed and Sod, Inc..  In no event can Somerset Seed and Sod, Inc., assume responsibility for delay of delivery.

5.       Drivers’ responsibility or liability of location of drop of sod is restricted to curbside only, and will not be held accountable for any requested variation thereof  (ie;  taking  sod to the backyard or driving over brick walkways, patios or going through narrow gate openings etc.).

6.       It shall be the buyer’s responsibility to verify accuracy and acceptability of sod/materials.  Any protest must be made within 24 hours of receipt or is deemed waived.  Keep in mind that the sod you have just purchased has been watched over and taken care of for a little over a year, once it leaves the farm, we lose control over what might happen to it therefore, it is very difficult for us to “guarantee” the sod.  It is fresh, healthy, green and free of weed and disease when it leaves the farm,  it is up to you and/or your customer to help it stay that way.

7.       Buyer authorizes deliveries to be made without a signature where an authorized agent is unavailable. If payment is expected at time of delivery, driver will wait 15 minutes for payment before leaving with the sod and bringing it back to the farm.

8.       There is a deposit for the wooden pallet.  It is asked that you return them to the farm location at 9515 Jacksontown  Road, Somerset, Va. 22972 when it is convenient .  Deposit  money will be refunded upon return of the pallet(s).

9.       Somerset Seed and Sod, Inc., strives to provide you with the best turf product possible.  However, at times  harvesting conditions in the fields will vary due to time of year, soil types, and the weather days prior to and day of harvest.  Once in awhile you may come across a small deficiency in your sod, ie;  small holes due to dry ground conditions, tears in the sod or a corner piece missing due to handling by the sod harvester.   This does not make the sod unusable. The damaged areas can be repaired using any scrap pieces of sod you may have left over.  The sod will grow and root into the ground with careful placement and thorough watering and patience. We can control most things that occur on the sod farm but weather is not one of the them and ‘bad’ weather can change everything from having  no rain (drought) to having too much rain (flooding).

10.   Somerset Sod Farms reserves the right to not load any vehicle or trailer deemed unsafe or to load sod that exceeds the maximum weight or height limit for the vehicle. 

11.    Virginia State Sales Tax (5%) will  be charged on material only (sod).   If your company is exempt from paying the sales tax then kindly submit the proper paperwork beforehand,  (Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption).



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