We take pride in providing you with a quality turf product  therefore, please consider these procedures for proper soil preparation, to ensure the long term survivability of your new turf lawn.

  1. ALL existing grass, weeds and other vegetation should be removed from the surface area first with  either  a sod stripper machine, roto-tiller,  shovel etc. and discarded.

  2. Rough grade or break up the soil using either a heavy steel rake or other grading tool if area is small or a blade/ box scraper mounted to a tractor for larger areas.  Move soil around so it slopes away from foundations, knock down any high spots, fill in any low spots for proper drainage.  Any additional debris brought to the surface such as rocks, construction materials, dead tree roots,  stumps should be removed and discarded.

  3. With a tiller or some other equipment break up the soil even more to a depth of 2 - 4 inches to help alleviate soil compaction.

  4. Till or add in a good topsoil/compost mix to a depth of 4-6 “  if possible, especially if you have had to remove some soil /debris.  Add in lime (pelletized) and fertilizer (10-10-10) and/or some kind of organic material, leaf compost,  peat moss etc. if needed and/or desired.  Read the label for recommended amounts based on square footage of the area.

  5. Finish grade the area making it smooth and level.

  6. If installing sod up against a driveway, sidewalk, flower border etc., soil  should  be no more than 1”  above the top of these structures keeping in mind that the sod will settle down into the soil with its own weight and the additional weight of the water.

  7. Can firm up the soil by rolling over it with a metal drum roller filled with one-third  of water.

  8. NOT RECOMMENDED  to dump several inches of loose soil on top of existing grass that has either been  mowed down to the ground or killed off with a chemical then install the sod on top of it or to lay several inches of soil on top of hard compacted soil that was never roughed up at least.

  9. Lastly, it is NOT RECOMMENDED   to dump several inches of soil on top of gravel or an area where mulch was for a long period of time and  install the sod on top of it or to lay several inches of soil over exposed tree roots and install sod on top.

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