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We offer both pick up at the farm, no minimum amount required as well as delivery with a minimum amount required of 2160 square feet.  There is 540 square feet per pallet. But minor adjustments can be made to the square footage amount put on a pallet.

All orders need to be called into the office at 434-817-9679.  If line is busy please leave a message and your call will be returned.  Note: we harvest from 2 different farms so please call for directions to the current harvesting location.

We do not offer any on-site job estimating services or installation of the sod. 

Pallet Deposits
:   There is a deposit of $ 10.00 for each wooden pallet taken off the farm for your order.  The deposit is refunded once the pallet is returned in good useable condition.   The pallets are custom made to work with the design of the sod harvester.    We do not accept any “non sod” pallets such as ones used for brick, block or mulch etc.   We are unable to make a “special trip” to just pick up pallets from a jobsite. 

The sod harvester is  programmed  by computers and sensors to cut a strip of sod 2 feet wide by 5 feet long (10 square feet), no adjustments can be made to this size strip.

All orders are C.O.D.  unless  other arrangements have been made in advance.  We accept checks, personal or company, cash and credit cards, Visa, Mastercard  or Discover.  Credit cards must be called in to the office prior to picking up or having your sod order delivered. 

Measuring:   To  figure  out how many square feet of sod you need,  measure  the area(s) to be sodded  using  either a 1  foot  ruler, a tape measure, a  3 foot yardstick or a rolling counter machine and measure the length and width of the area(s) in feet.   Multiply the length and width of each area(s)  together  to  get the  total  square footage.   For odd shaped areas see the attachment page.    If there are sidewalks, patios, flower beds, retaining  walls  etc., add  3-5 % extra square footage to allow for any waste due to trimming around these obstacles.

PICKUP:   Please call ahead a day in advance if possible with an estimated time of arrival and how many square feet of sod is needed.  If you are running late kindly give us a courtesy call to let us know.   I f you have to cancel due to a weather or scheduling  issue please let us know as soon as possible. If you have a last minute order or change to an order please call as we will do our best to work your order in to the schedule.  Walk-in orders may or may not be able to be accommodated, depending on the  harvesting  schedule  and volume of orders  for that day and keep in mind there may be a wait if there are orders already scheduled ahead of yours.

Bring protective covering for the interior of vehicle and if bringing a trailer be sure to have tie-down straps or rope to secure the load and tires are properly inflated.  There may not be an air compressor available to pump up low tires.  Depending on the weather before and during  harvesting,  sod rolls can weigh anywhere from 20 lbs light  to 45 lbs heavy especially if there has been rain.  Know your vehicle and or trailer weight load capacity limit.  Please do not overload your vehicle/trailer to try and get your order in one load, better to make 2 loads and be safe.

Pick-up hours are Mon. – Fri.  7:00 am – 4:30 pm,  Saturdays  by appointment,  closed on Sunday.

:    Need a 2 or 3 day advance notice if possible  to reserve a truck and forklift.   Have square  footage measurements available,  may have to make adjustments to  pallet to even out the weight on the trailer.  Will try to use as few pallets as possible.  We have 2 trucks/trailers with one able to carry up to 12 pallets and the other up to 20 pallets. Have good directions to jobsite with State Route #’s if possible.   Let us know beforehand of any roadway issues;  narrow one-lane or gravel  roads,  unusually steep and/or windy roads, bridges with weight or height  limits.  Will need a safe place to park and turn around at the job site.  Delivery times are estimated.  Please be on jobsite to receive the order and direct driver as to placement of the pallets.  Will spot pallets a reasonable distance from truck.   There are limits as to where the  forklift  can go,  no steep hills, narrow gate openings, no driving over driveways, sidewalks, patios, curbs etc..  If unable to meet driver at designated time please kindly  give us a courtesy call as there could be another customers order on the truck and want to make them aware of any delay in receiving their order . If payment is due please have it available for the driver.

Freight charge is $ 350.00 per load to all of Central Virginia.  Locations  further  South or West may incur a slightly higher freight fee. 

:  Call as soon as you know of any change in your schedule that prevents you from receiving the sod on the day it was scheduled.   

If for some reason we are unable to harvest the sod due to unexpected weather or a mechanical breakdown will call and make you aware of any delays.  We will do our best to get up and running as quickly as possible  but if unable to do so will have to reschedule your order for next available day.  

When changing weather is in the forecast,  best  for both parties to keep in touch via phone/e-mail as it may not be raining at the farm but it is at your jobsite and vice versa.  Our e-mail address is: or

For best  results the sod needs to be installed and watered  immediately  upon arrival at jobsite especially in hot weather.  If unable to do so then take the necessary steps to get the sod out of direct sun or heavy rain.  Timing of the installation of the sod is critical to its long term survival. 
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