1. How long does it take to grow sod?
    Seeding of the fields  is done in late Summer /early Fall and the sod will be harvested within  12- 18 months  after that depending on how strong and well knitted the root system is. 

  2. Do sod farms ever have to bring in soil to replace what is taken off the fields because it looks like a bit of soil is removed with each strip?  
    No.  The amount of soil that leaves the farm with each strip or roll is not significant enough to warrant bringing in foreign soil. Think of it as more of a transfer of soil from our field to your jobsite.   See attachment,  How  Much Soil Does A  Turfgrass  Sod Farm Deplete?,  for more info.

  3. How do I determine  how  much  sod  I need?
    When you place your order best to give amount needed in square feet.  Use a tool that measures off in linear foot intervals;   a 1 foot long ruler or a 3 foot long yardstick or a tape measure.  Measure the length and width of each area to be sodded  in feet and then multiply the 2 numbers together to give you the total square feet.   Guessing or just walking off an area can cost you time and money best to get an accurate measurement.

  4. How many square feet in a roll and on a pallet, size of each roll and average weight of a roll?
    There are 10 square feet in a roll or strip of sod.  The harvester is programmed to cut and load 54 of these rolls on a pallet which equals   540 square feet.  Adjustments can be made to the programming to cut and load  other amounts ,  40 rolls on a pallet for example.

    The rolls measure out 2 feet wide by 5 feet long.

    A roll of sod can weigh as little as 15- 20 pounds when dry up to 40 pounds when wet.

  5. How many days in advance do I need to place my order?
    For a pick up order,  a 1 day notice but if you get a last minute order don’t hesitate to call we will try to work  you in.  Walk-ins may or may not be able to be accommodated depending on the day’s schedule.

    For  a  delivery  order  a  2 to 3 day notice if possible as  we need to  reserve a truck,  trailer and driver.

  6. Is there a deposit for the pallet and will you pick up the pallets from my jobsite?
    Yes, there is a $ 10.00 deposit for each wooden pallet used for your order.  Upon return of the pallet(s)

    ( in good condition) the deposit is refunded.  We cannot accept a pallet that is broken up or boards are missing.

    No, we are unable to pick up pallets but you may return them at your convenience to the farm located at  9515 Jacksontown  Road  in Somerset, Va.  22972,  during  operating hours.

  7. When can I install sod?
    Any time of year.  Spring  and  Fall are favored because the weather tends to be more predictable.  If Summer weather is hot  or we have a drought situation use caution.  A mild  Winter is an excellent time for sod installation keeping in mind the sod is dormant so there will be limited root growth.

  8. How soon can I walk on the sod after installation?
    Not until after 2 weeks or when the sod  has  firmly rooted to the soil. The first  2 weeks  after  installation the sod needs quiet time to get itself re-established in its new environment with minimal activity on it.   If you need to adjust sprinklers or irrigation equipment  walk along the edges and avoid the heavily saturated areas if possible.  It is  important  not  to slide or shift a sod strip out of place as it is trying to take root as the roots can break off.   After 14 days check to make sure the sod has taken root  by  gently  pulling or tugging  up on the corners,  if you get resistance then the sod has rooted but if there is some looseness needs more time. Once you have determined that the sod has become 100% attached to the soil then normal use can resume.

  9. How often do I need to water my new sod lawn?
    Newly  installed  sod requires a great deal of water daily  to get  the needed nourishment for re-rooting.  

    How well you water at this point will determine how well the lawn performs in years to come.   Always  water  immediately after installation and water enough  so that if you gently lift a corner of the sod the soil you laid the sod on is wet as well as the soil pad of the sod.  Make sure corners and edges are getting enough water.   Will need to water daily for the first 2 weeks and then once the sod takes root can back off a bit.   Never let the sod get so dry that is has a grayish cast or wilted look to it, keep it hydrated.

  10. When can I mow my new sod?
    Usually  after  2 weeks from  installation  or once the sod has become 100% rooted to the soil. Be sure and check to make sure the sod is firmly rooted by gently pulling up on a corner if you get resistance then you can mow.   Set your mower at a high setting and if the clippings are extremely long might be a good idea to bag them this time.  Once in a while can leave the clippings on the grass as they do decompose quickly and return vital nutrients back into the soil and do not contribute to thatch.

  11. Can I walk on grass when there is frost on it?
    No, severe damage will occur to the grass blade as the blade is brittle.

  12. Do you sell seed to match the sod?
    Yes, it is sold in 25 or 50 pound bags.  The  seed  is produced by the Jonathan  Green company and will match our sod.

  13. I have a dog(s), how can I keep them from yellowing my grass?
    Urine is high in salt and ammonia this is what causes the discoloration of the grass, the salt draws moisture out of the blade and the grass turns yellow or brown. Diluting the affected area  with water as quickly as possible is a solution or limiting the dog to a designated area in the yard with mulch or gravel is another option or some folks are using artificial grass to make an area for the pet.  There are products on the market that may be helpful check with your local pet care store.

  14. Does sod come with a guarantee?
    We can guarantee you that the product you purchased is healthy, alive and will remain so as long as you care for it once you get it home and installed.   Once the sod leaves the farm and is no longer under our watchful eye we have no control over what may happen to it  we have to  pass the responsibility of its care and survival  onto you.

    If there is a problem with the sod please call and we will resolve the issue the best we can.



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